Airborne Internet Related News Oct 1, 2018

Airborne Internet is demonstrated at ATCA in Atlantic City, article here.
Boeing's in-flight broadband launched in Asia News Story by Martyn Williams, June 23, 2004
Broadband Internet takes to the skies, article Story by Martyn Williams May 17, 2004
5 issues with wireless Net access on a plane, article by Christopher Elliott March 2004
AeroSat President/CEO Michael Barrett tells President George Bush about working with the FAA Technical Center on Airborne Internet January 29, 2004

Technical Center Employees Win NASA Innovation Awards for Airborne Internet  FAA Press Release June 17, 2003 

Airborne Internet wins NASA's prestigious 

Turning Goals Into Reality (TGIR) Mobility Award for 2003

AeroSat Advances Founding of Airborne Internet Consortium: New Hampshire Aviation Communications Company is First to Back Aviation Consortium Incorporation  March 3, 2003

TAXI! TAXI!  Popular Science article, October 7, 2002 

(Popular Science Magazine Online)

Aerocar Flies On   July 29, 2002     photo
Lancair Slows Columbia Production   July 29, 2002
Eclipse unveils Eclipse 500 jet!

FAA Announces ADS-B Architecture July 1, 2002

Toyota Successfully Completes 1st Test Flight of Small Aircraft; Plane Built to Verify High-performance, Cost-reducing Technologies, June 21, 2002

FAA to Make Affordable Radar Systems Available at Low-to-Medium Traffic Airports  June 12, 2002

Small Airports - To Be Or Not To Be?
By John Croft/Aviation Week & Space Technology- April 12, 2002

New Technology Dominates EAA AirVenture Fly-In
By Edward H. Phillips- Aviation Week & Space Technology- August 14, 2001

Freedom of the Skies
By James Fallows- The Atlantic Monthly- June 2001

FAA Sees Future In New Satellite Guidance System
By Don Phillips- Washington Post- June 18, 2001

Systems that Permit Everyone to Fly
By Kathleen Kocks- Avionics Magazine- March 2001

"Flying will be as easy as driving a car"
William Peakin, February 25, 2001, The Observer

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