Friend of Airborne Internet

This is the "Wall of Fame" that chronicles those who have received the coveted Friend of Airborne Internet award.
  1. Pete McHugh, FAA Technical Center: for his unending support and encouragement to advance Airborne Internet, future thinking to incorporate new technology in a bureaucratic world. (Pictures)

    Pete McHugh, the FAA Program Manager for SATS, who made it all happen for the FAA and the Airborne Internet. Thanks Pete. We all owe ya one

  2. Bruce Holmes, Director of Aeronautics Research, DayJet Corporation; formerly of NASA Langley Research Center, originator of the Small Aircraft Transportation System: for coining the term "Airborne Internet" that helped give it legs to grow. For his consistent and long term support for the advancement of Airborne Internet as more than an enabling technology for SATS. (picture)
  3. Paula Nouragas, FAA Technical Center, ACB-100: For her constant help, advice, good criticism, advocacy and assistance to further Airborne Internet within the FAA.
  4. John Wiley, FAA Technical Center, ACB-1: For allowing Airborne Internet to grow at the FAA Technical Center, for taking the risk for this new concept and idea to allow it to be cultivated at the Technical Center into a recognizable program.
  5. Elizabeth Soltys, FAA Technical Center Representative to the JPDO: For believing in and supporting Airborne Internet from its infancy. For the care and nourishment of Airborne Internet and for her advocacy and generosity.
  6. Annette Chashin, Contractor, FAA Technical Center: for assistance with the foundation work of the Airborne Internet program at the FAA Technical Center, including program planning and even digging in to get her hands dirty to help clean out the room for the original Airborne Internet Lab.
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