Airborne Internet

Mobile connectivity is a growing technology in our society today. Its growth is fueled by the desire of people to remain connected to "the network" even while traveling. From wireless LANs at home and the office to wireless connectivity with Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), people are utilizing new methods to extend the traditional network connectivity that originated with a wire to a computer.

The concept of basic network connectivity could be used to connect mobile vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, trains, and even aircraft. Network connectivity could be obtained between vehicles and a ground network infrastructure.

The idea of an Airborne Internet was began as a supporting technology for NASA's Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS).  Program planners identified the need to establish a robust communications channel between aircraft and the ground network. But the utility of Airborne Internet has the potential to extend beyond the SATS program.....It could open up a whole new set of operating capabilities, safety and efficiency for tomorrow’s aviation industry.....and beyond ! 






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